current projects


dennis scheider has been writing and producing music since 2002.

April 2018 -> production of Florian Stölzels Debut - Album ->

Januar 2018-> production of the debut-album of The Peters ->

August 2017 -> writing & producing music fot the shortmovie „Richtung Ring“

Juli 2017 -> production of the new single-ep of Playing Savage ->

Mai 2017-> recordings for the new Alexander Knappe -album ->

März 2015 -> songwriting / produktion des debut-albums von Hotel Schneider ->

juli 2014 -> songwriting / production of Jaqueline Bloem ´s debut - album  ->

august 2013 -> production and mix of Luna Simao‘ s debut- ep „es geht bis zu den wolken“.

current projects:

october 2012 -> producing Aufbau West‘s debutalbum

since may 2010: songwriting & pre-production. working on the debutalbum of Luna Mentz ->

november 2011: mix of the Herremnagazin‘s solodebutalbum „Der Don und Daniel“. ->

march 2011: in studio with Manual Kant, producing their debutalbum ->

january 2011: in studio with The Making Of ->

november 2010: in studio with Aufbau West. ->

septmber 2010:

in studio with Ghost of Tom Joad, producing their 3rd longplayer “Black Musik“. ->

juni 2010: In the studio with Beat!Beat!Beat!, producing their first Longplayer “Lightmares“ ->

april/mai 2010: musical direction for frankfurt theater ->

april 2010: mix for the cinematics at helikopterschuppen ->

feb 2010: mixed tracks for the fog joggers album at helikopterschuppen  ->

dennis has been in the studio since august 09 with heart of horror ->

“this is where the magic happens“:

helikopterschuppen forster strasse berlin / kreuzberg

what‘s going on: